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 INTERACTIVE MATERIAL Milch Macht Mensch – European Milk Board Meine Wahl – Meine Landwirtschaft  CAP IT! (game) – Groupe de Bruges E-Learning Course on the Common Agricultural Policy – Groupe de Bruges   WRITTEN GUIDES Guide to the Common Agricultural Policy – Group PAC 2013 References for the Fact sheets on the CAP – European Environmental Bureau (EEB) Steckbrief: Gemeinsame Agrarpolitik der EU ab 2014 (in German) – DNR, EU-Koordination     VIDEOS and FILMS Pig Business Raising Resistance Seeds of Freedom Why we need a green reform of the CAP now – European Environmental Bureau (EEB) STOLEN LAND STOLEN FUTURE – Inspired by an APRODEV report on landgrabbing in Cambodia The missing option…Food Sovereignty – Food Sov CAP Do we really need industrial agriculture to feed the world? – Food MythBusters