CAP | The Key Areas Environment Committee Put Forward

Organic milk farm in the region Göttingen, Lower Saxony (Photo: S. Lakner)

The Environment Committee (ENVI) voted on the 14th February on CAP proposals (Strategic Plans). With the Agriculture Committee voting in the coming weeks, before a full Parliament plenary, what were the key areas ENVI emphasised?

 Ring-fencing of money for climate and the environment

  • In the Commission proposal: 30% for environmental purposes under rural development, 0% for eco-schemes (up to Member States to decide what to allocate);
  • ENVI at least 40% for environmental purposes under rural development, at least 30% for eco-schemes, and special ring-fencing for biodiversity;
  • No more tax payers money being used for the promotion of wine and meat.

Enhanced objectives for Member States to achieve via CAP strategic plans

  • Production of renewable energy (biofuels) is no longer an objective;
  • Additional focus on soil quality;
  • Reducing pesticides;
  • Halting biodiversity loss;
  • Stimulating High Nature Value farming.

Improved and additional indicators to measure whether objectives are being achieved

  • Additional categories including building topsoil, producing more locally, reducing pesticide, livestock density
  • Better ways of measuring: soil biota abundance, creation of a pollinator index, volume of pesticides sold etc

Stricter and enhanced conditionality that will apply to all farmers

  • A maximum on stocking density;
  • All relevant animal welfare legislation;
  • Safeguard to maintain permanent grassland;
  • No ploughing permanent grassland;
  • 7% of agricultural area devoted to non-productive features;
  • 4 years crop rotation including leguminous crops;
  • No pesticides in buffer strips + 3m minimum width.

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