Food Films

Photo credit: Youth Food Movement

After an encouraging first edition in 2011, the Food Film Festival is back this year from March 16-18 in Amsterdam thanks to the efforts of the Slow Food Youth Food Movement Netherlands.

The popularity of the event is clear – online tickets have already sold out! There are still some available on the door, so it’s definately worth popping along to see what is on! A full programme can be found here.

The Festival aims to educate people about wrongs in the food system by screening revealing documentaries, inviting knowledgeable speakers and debating with the public about current issues. Participants are also invited to brush up on their cooking skills by partaking in one of the many workshops.

The festival’s philosophy is based on the idea that people will have to revalue their food in order to make a sustainable change. The Youth Food Movement feels that the best way to do that is by enjoying, loving and caring for your food.

There are hardly any feature films that are devoid of food. The reason for that, is that food is full of meaning. Having it, sharing it, savoring it, not sharing it, longing for it and cooking it.

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