Good Food March photo campaign set to continue!

Ciolos receives book

On September 19th, as the Good Food Marchers made their way from the Parc du Cinquantenaire to the European Parliament, lively fanfare band in tow, the group made a number of stops at different EU institutions. THE REASON: to deliver a copy of the book of photo messages that had been collected in recent weeks.

As part of the Good Food March, citizens were invited to send their message about the future of food and farming they want. THE RESULT: a set of colourful, dynamic and poignant testimonials written by farmers and consumers, young and old, from Europe and beyond.

The book speaks for itself. It provides a snapshot of the thousands of people who want Europe’s food and farming policy to change for better. Showing the spirit of people from villages and cities; it embraces the diversity of our food culture and the vitality of our countryside. At the same time it sends a strong and unified message to decision makers as they debate the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the next seven years.

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At the time the book went to print, over 1000 photos had been submitted, with many more arriving since.

THE GOOD NEWS: It has been decided to continue to action throughout the CAP reform process.

It will be an ongoing action, with new editions being printed for key events. The next one on the horizon is soon: Terre Madre from 25th to 29th October in Italy. The deadline for submitting photos for this version is October 7th, so don’t hesitate and send yours in today!

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