“Nyet” to GM maize

The federal Russian consumer protection service Rospotrebnadzor has blocked the import of GM maize NK603 to the Russian Federation, following the Seralini publication in the journal Food And Chemical Toxicology.


The Russian Federation is writing to EU health commissioner John Dalli to request his comment on the situation and to “…state the position of the European Union on this issue.” The Russian ban will remain until a review of the Seralini data has been completed by the Federation’s Institute of Nutrition, the FGBU.

All food and crop treatment approvals for the Russian Federation pass through Rospotrebnadzor. The agency authorises and appoints laboratories to carry out work on its behalf. If it were to decide that the Seralini programme should be replicated, the public sector agency could wrongfoot the Monsanto “no research” clauses in its terms and conditions for selling GM seed.

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