Italy and France: common ground on common policy

“We were able to ascertain the existence of a common view on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy.”


This was the main conclusion that Italian Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies, Mario Catania, drew at the end of the meeting with the French Farm Minister, Bruno Le Maire, held on 30th of January 2012 at headquarters of the Italian Ministry

“The meeting with Bruno Le Maire was an opportunity for a new confrontation on issues at a European level, affecting agriculture and fishing. During our meeting, which was particularly positive, we were able to confirm an agreement between governments of both countries on the reform of the Common Agricultural Policy. We also talked about the plight of the fruit and vegetable market, and issues relating to vine planting rights, which is a very important issue for protection of both Italian and French high-quality wine products. On all issues, we have experienced strong convergence.”

Catania added:

In terms of the CAP, Minister Le Maire has assured me that France will support Italy in safeguarding interests of Italian farmers with regard to fund distribution. This is an issue which I consider a priority and I much appreciate the French willingness on this point. We also discussed the approved milk package, since negotiations were conducted together and, together, we got a fundamental result, which consists of introducing the possibility of planning production. Quality package represents an equally important challenge that we will face with the same commitment.”