Joint civil society statement on the finance of land grabs

ARC2020 is one of 65 signatures from European and international civil society and activist groups that have signed a joint civil society statement on the finance of land grabs – published today. Environmental, development and farming groups are calling on governments and financial institutions to put a stop to land grabbing financed by European pension funds, banks and insurance companies.

Photo credit: Friends of the Earth Europe

The call coincides with the industry dominated Agricultural Investment Summit in London, criticised for spearheading the global land grab with financial investors and pension funds. Pension funds are the largest institutional investors in farmland worldwide. Millions of hectares have been leased or purchased up in recent years. As a result, small-holder farmers, peasants, herders, fisher-folk and other rural households are being dispossessed of the means to feed themselves and their communities.

You can find the full statement in 3 languages here: English, Spanish and French.