LEAK – Farm2Fork Draft Action Plan

Below is a version of the EU’s Farm2Fork Strategy on Sustainable Food Systems Draft Action Plan, as of 13th January.  

Farm2Fork 13 January 2020_ARC2020

Since the announcement of the EU Green Deal, there has been something of a battle underway in agri-food between different actors.  By potentially sharing farming and food decision-making power among more than one DGs (Directorates-General) in the European Commission, the strategy threatens the power of the AG Commissioner. 

Moreover the Green Deal’s announced ambition is both stronger than anything in CAP heretofore, and is at variance with the Council of Ministers. (The Council of Ministers is made up of the agriculture ministers of the various member states, who met this week and began the process of watering down the Commission’s CAP plan – as usual.)

We will present an analysis of where we think things are with CAP and the Green Deal in the days ahead. In the mean time, in the interests of transparency, we present here to the public a leaked document from 13th January on the Farm 2 Fork Strategy.

This is still a work in progress by the DGs, most likely a joint document between the various DGs – SANTE and AGRI in particular, as SANTE leads on Farm 2 Fork, but AGRI clearly has Agriculture in its remit.  

More including analysis in the coming days.