The world of meat as never seen before

With meat scares, superbugs and antibiotic resistance on the rise, citizens are becoming increasingly curious about the true cost of meat.

LoveMEATender, a Franco-Belgian documentary, aims to provide some answers. It highlights the role of meat in our lives and the surge that has made it a product “like any other”, subject to the rule of the lowest possible monetary price.

The true cost of intensive meat production however, is a price we are already paying. The consequences for the human body are also manifold, from obesity to cancers, diabetes, heart disease and resistance to antibiotics. But there are some more questions that need an answer.

Is industrial meat production worth exhaustion of natural resources and severe pollution? Are we willing to lose our relationship to animals as they are lowered to the rank of machines, no longer part of our world, even less so of our imagination?

In telling the destiny of a wonderful character, the Breton André Pochon, the film uses the combination of filmed images, animation, and music by singer Kris Dane.

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