The Meat Atlas

On average every German eats 1,094 animals during their life time. In more detail this amounts to 4 cattle, 4 sheep, 12 geese, 37 ducks, 46 pigs, 46 turkeys and 945 chickens. But what exactly does this food on the plates mean for deforestation of the rainforests? And how it is related to rural poverty and hunger in developing countries? What is the impact of factory farming on the climate?

Foto: Fleischatlas, Creative Commons Lizenz CC-BY-SA)

These are questions that we as consumers too rarely ask ourselves, despite having the freedom to make a political and ethical choice each time we visit the supermarket. To provide insights into the inner workings of meat consumption, a number of organisations yesterday published a so-called ‘Meat Altas’.

The publication – issued by the Heinrich Boell Foundation, the BUND (Friends of the Earth) and Le Monde Diplomatique – is now available (in German) as a print and online edition. Find it here.

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