Organic partnership

Seven young Romanian farmers have entered an new partnership with a Ukrainian farming association in order to promote organic agricultural practices.

Started as an in-farm experiment in Romania in 2007 with soil conversion to ecological farming on a small scale (about 20 hectares), the “Eco-friendly food farms” project has now grown to a small community of 7 farmers, covering about 520 hectares, growing everything from cereals to legumes. They also have a small vineyard on a small 3 hectare plot, used for self consumption. Using only basic agricultural knowledge and essential skills that every old time farmer has, the seven young farmers have quickly grown from a subsistence farm to a profitable business where everything that is produced is thought as “means to an end” and given an integrated approach.

After partnering with 2 Ukrainian farmers in late April 2012 in order to export this farming model, together with their products, and create a viable cross border commercial partnership for organic products, the seven innovative farmers are now thinking of pushing the limits further. Mihai Avadanii, the founder of this business and the “man with the idea”, said: “I wish that every small farmer in Romania or anywhere in Europe could see what we have done here. It’s simple and efficient. You just have to work together with your neighbours, but not only to ensure your day-to-day food and living expenses, but also to ensure theirs. It’s a matter of trust, hard work and creativity.”