–Road Map for Good Food – Good Farming and a living countryside

In 2010 ARC2020 launched a “Communication from Civil Society to the European Union Institutions on the Future of Agricultural and Rural Policy” which was elaborated over six months and adopted  by a broad alliance of civil society organisations and networks. The Communication was submitted to the European Commission, to the Council and the Parliament on the same day when the Commission published its first outline for a reform of the CAP. During the following debate and negotiations of the future of agricultural and rural policies ARC2020 has strongly advocated for a paradigm change in agriculture and food systems and for an economic, social and environmental renaissance of rural areas. ARC2020 has become a European Platform for a debate on the future of farming and food.

Our #ARC2020 conference – Good Food, Good Farming and a living Countryside –  is an opportunity for renewing our civil society’s agenda for the coming five years. We offer a framework for a  ROAD MAP of goals and activities which ARC2020 and its partners could follow in the coming years, based on the principles agreed in the Communication. Drawing a common ARC2020 ROAD MAP is an ongoing process which will hopefully become an incentive and a guideline for the strengthening of our capacities as civil society to make the urgent changes in European policies for Good Food and Farming to really happen.

Download the draft roadmap for comment.