800 sheep + 600 km + 4 winter months + 2 shepherds = 1 film

In a little-known European tradition, every year a master shepherd takes a flock of 800 sheep 600 kilometres across Switzerland to new pastures, through the gathering winter snows. In a one-off premiere screening on June 6, London filmgoers will have the opportunity to see Winter Nomads, the story of veteran shepherd Pascal Eguisier and his apprentice, Carole Noblanc, on their epic frozen four-month journey across French-speaking cantons.

Photo credit: Dochouse.org

What was once a rural tradition has long since been set about with problems of modern living. The challenge of finding grass to feed 800 sheep involves searching quiet corners of industrial areas and railway tracks. As an added incentive to go to Hammersmith’s Riverside Studio, the award-winning film will be followed by questions and answers with the producer Heinz Dill. To get in for a fiver, use the promotional code SWITZERLAND when booking seats on the Riverside Studio website.

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