EU position on GMOs, Animal Cloning & Welfare

In a recent set of interviews carried out by viEUws – the EU policy broadcaster – European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Policy, John Dalli, was questioned on both his and the EU Commission’s standpoint on animal welfare, GMOs and animal cloning.


Dalli is asked why the Commission continues to push the GMO agenda despite safety concerns from environmental groups, a public opinion that is largely against them and a low take up in Europe. He is also asked to comment on the recent questioning of the ESFA credibility and revolving doors…

On animal welfare…

Following the recent submission of a petition with over 1 million signatures calling for an 8 hour transport limit to be put on animal transport, Dalli is asked what the next moves are going to be. He talks of a new 2014 Communication that will present a completely new strategy on animal welfare, to be developed with stakeholders.

When asked if the recent ‘fiasco’ regarding the ban on battery cages was embarrassing for Commission, he explains that is was neither embarrassing, nor a fiasco, choosing instead to highlight those Member States that have complied. He states that by the end of the year full compliance will have been achieved.

On animal cloning

As regulating animal cloning remained a divisive issue which brought down discussions March 2011 regarding the Novel Food Directive, Dalli is asked what the Commission plans to do next. He is also asked why despite there already being clear animal welfare issues linked to cloning, the Commission continues to engage on the topic. Finally the issue of consumers unknowingly consuming offspring of cloned animals is discussed.