No to GMO

As food industry lobbies continue to press for laws on GMO content in food to be relaxed, saying that they disrupt trade, German Agricultural Minister Aigner has made her position on the issue clear.

© Metoc (wikicommons)

Since 2011, rules adopted by the EU have allowed traces of unapproved GMO content in animal feed. The decision came following the claim that small amounts couldn’t be avoided, commonly coming from vehicles used to transfer the feed. The resultant permitted level of 0.1% unapproved GMO content could now be applied directly to food. This brings the issue much closer to our food shelves.

According to a Reuters report published on June 12th, Aigner stated that a change to existing laws would not only reduce transparency of food labeling, but also damage the right of consumers to have access to food that is completely free of GMO content. Germany will oppose any such proposal by the Commission.