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France | Building Rural Resilience From The Ground

ARC2020 is launching a new project in France to build rural resilience from the ground up. It’s called “Nos Campagnes En Résilience”. The goal is to empower rural communities to realise their own fair and socio-ecological transitions, by connecting and supporting the many exciting initiatives that are emerging on the ground. Why France? And why now? Hannes Lorenzen explains. Covid is the latest in a series of crises This time last year we already faced multiple challenges: climate change, biodiversity loss, vulnerable and unsustainable food systems, concentration of land and resources in the hands of a few owners, and more. Now with Covid-19 our lives have changed fundamentally, in the rural regions of France and across Europe. Our cultural, social and political interactions have been restricted. We are concerned that rural regions – and especially rural people, who were already disadvantaged and marginalised – may be further left behind. Rural regions and economies have been undergoing profound changes for several decades now. The move from small scale to industrialised and intensive agriculture has in some […]