Twisting the rules

A new study from Pesticide Action Network Europe, “Twisting and Bending the Rulesfinds that EU Member States and Health DG SANCO allow data gaps on a massive scale in the approval process of pesticides. Pesticide Action Network Europe analysed one of the major derogation systems of regulators called ‘Resubmission’. Resubmission grants the pesticide industry a second chance in case their chemicals are banned or withdrawn.

PAN-Europe’s new study also revealed that Member States and the Commission will never ban a pesticide solely because of environmental risks.

Hans Muilerman of PAN-Europe states:

“It is unacceptable Member States and SANCO are wasting their time on these pesticides only because of fears being bullied by industry. Regulators neglected their mission to protect people health and the environment and gave priority to putting more pesticides on the market, up from  250 to over 350 now. A reform of risk assessment and a return to a respect for the rules is urgently needed”.

Find the full Twisting and Bending the Rules report here: