10 questions on the CAP proposals for e-learning course on the CAP

Message from Groupe de Bruges

Groupe de Bruges has developed an e-learning course on the Common Agricultural Policy in collaboration with SPERA (Interuniversity Center for Studies on Economic, Rural and Environmental policies) and Association “Alessandro Bartola”.

The course, introduced by Commissioner Dacian Cioloş, is financed by the European Commission and Fondation Léopold Mayer pour le Progrés de l’Homme.

Since its start at the beginning of this month the course has already attracted more than 450 participants from over 50 countries.

An important part of the course will be dedicated to the legislative proposals of the Commission as published on October 12. We want to offer participants to the course the opportunity to learn the opinion of all the main stakeholders on these proposals. For this reason we want to invite your organisation to express its views on the proposals of the Commission.

To ensure that participants of the course can obtain a clear and concise overview of the various positions, we have developed a short series of questions – PDF here

There are three ways you can send us your answers:

1.       Write the answers to each question directly in the questionnaire with a short text with up to a maximum of 10 rows per question

2.       Submit a Powerpoint presentation of 10 slides, one for each question. It is important that the text of the slides is also narrated with a spoken voice (maximum 2 minutes per slide; audio quality: 22.050 kHz; 16 bit; Mono – 43 KB/sec);

3.       Make your own video of a maximum duration of 10 minutes.

You can of course also choose to use more than one of these options.

Small size files (less than 1 MB) can be sent to this address email: info@groupedebruges.eu. Larger size files (more than 1 MB) can be send to the same e-mail address using on online services like “yousendit” or similar.

The deadline for submitting your anwers is December 9, 2011

Visit the website of the Groupe de Bruges for more information on the e-learning course: www.groupedebruges.eu/course.