Groupe de Bruges’ critical analysis

Groupe de Bruges – an independent network on European agricultural and rural development policies, and initiator of ARC – has put its analysis and recommendations concerning the legislative proposals of the Commission on the new Common Agricultural Policy into written form. The paper was handed to Commissioner Ciolos personally on January 26th by president Arie van den Brand.

In light of the growing world population, in conjunction with the ongoing expansion of emerging economies, the paper highlights the urgent need to maintain and ensure the provision of basic needs such as clean water and fertile soils; sustainable energy and resources; and healthy food as a basis for survival and a precondition for global security.

The paper entitled A CAP for the Future?! suggests the current proposals for CAP reform fail to address these challenges. It highlights 5 key issues they wish to raise. These are:

  • Lack of urgency
  • Individualistic approach
  • Competitiveness, sustainability, public goods
  • Lack of international dimension
  • Not future orientated

In terms of recommendations the report breaks the proposals down into four categories:

  • What’s good, but needs improving
  • What’s not (so) good and should be changed
  • What’s missing and should be added
  • What’s unclear and should be clarified

Find the press release here

Find the paper here