‘Can EU CAP it?’ Project is LIVE

The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ project with its e-learning platform is now online

Groupe de Bruges has engaged the general public in the debate about more sustainable European agriculture, food and policies in recent years. This work is set to become more prominent now, with our new unique e-learning platform ‘Can EU CAP it?’.

A guest article by Michaela Skodova, Groupe de Bruges

The project aims to increase and disseminate knowledge and discussion of the reformed CAP not only for academics and other experts, but for the general public too.

Arie van den Brand, Groupe de Bruges’ President (pictured with Sharon Dijksma, Deputy Minister for Agriculture in the Netherlands) stated at the November 27 launch: “it is crucial, both for agriculture and the legitimacy of the CAP, that citizens become better informed about a policy that spends some € 53 billion euro each year. Currently 92% of all European know nothing about it. Here in Holland we have a saying: unknown makes unloved”. (You can watch the short summary launch video and  find out more about the project here)


Arie van den Brand, Groupe de Bruges’ President and Sharon Dijksma, Deputy Minister for Agriculture in the Netherlands

The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ project looks into tackling these challenges by introducing several features on its unique e-learning platform, www.caneucapit.eu. The platform consists of five parts:

  • CAP Game – If you have the gaming gene or you are just feeling competitive, trythe European competition for the CAP Game! In order to win some serious prizes, including three fully funded trips to Rome, we challenge you to test your knowledge on the topic of the reformed CAP, natural resources or food security.
  • CAP Basic videos – the 1st video from our CAP Basic series has been launched. The topic of Future of farming explains the challenges young people face when they want to take over a farm or want to start a farm from scratch. The video also highlights initiatives from young urbanites concerning sustainable food production and consumption.
  • CAP Pro course – the English version of the course, named CAP Pro, is now available. It consists of eight modules, all prepared by academics and other renowned experts. The course will also soon be available in the other three languages: Italian (December 20), German (January 9) and French (January 31). Thanks to a grant by the European Commission we can offer the CAP Pro course for a very attractive price. For students the whole course is only € 9,95. This includes a certificate (in pdf) for those who successfully complete the whole course. Before you commit – why not try free trial of the CAP Pro module. You can learn about the Common Market Organisation (CMO) which is a vital part of the new CAP.
  • CAP Events – The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ project is on tour. Next stop: IGW – International Green week in Berlin, Germany. Several events will take place, including the launch of second CAP Basic video – Future of rural areas, CAP Game, local competitions and we will also organise a workshop on January 24, on “The Future of Rural Areas and the new Common Agricultural Policy: towards a rural renaissance?”.
  • CAP Forums – several topics you can join in to discuss the new CAP.

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  1. I have read a little about the contribution of Groupe de Bruges and really I highly appreciate the way how they are they trying to approach issues of Rural development and griculture in Europe and beyond. It is a very good example of Mr.Arie Van den Brandt to be followed by others who share their know-how with others and devote themselves to a cause.

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