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3,600 Scientists Call For CAP Overhaul

Today, over 3,600 scientists from all EU countries have together declared that the post-2020 CAP fails to reverse damage to the environment and restore nature and must be “drastically improved.” Addressing the European Parliament, Council and Commission they argue for a future-proof, evidence-based CAP, proposing ten action points, to ensure biodiversity conservation, climate mitigation and sustainable food production.    […]

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Reviewing Ecological Focus Areas: A Cross Pollination of Ideas

Insect pollinators continue to decline across Europe despite the Common Agricultural Policy’s increased focus on environmental protection. In response, a group of experts are calling for the improved quality of wildlife habitats through more targeted management and a robust monitoring framework, and a diversity of habitats to meet the resource requirements of our pollinating insects. […]

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Tweets of the Week – 10/2020

Very useful study looking at the benefits and costs of a range of poultry welfare measures. — Derrick Wilkinson (@DGWilkinson) February 28, 2020 LEAK: EU’s Farm to Fork strategy will be based on five key targets — EURACTIV Agri & Food (@eaAgriFood) March 2, 2020 "Dark chocolate, whole-fat dairy, and unprocessed meat, have a relatively high saturated-fat content but show no association with increased cardiovascular risk". Group of nutrition scientists argue current limits on saturated fat no longer justified — Alan Matthews (@xAlan_Matthews) March 2, 2020 While Germany is being sued by the EU Commission for excessive nitrate levels in groundwater, a new study has linked agriculture with groundwater pollution. Berlin is working on tightening its fertilisation regulations.@EURACTIVBerlin reports. — EURACTIV Agri & Food (@eaAgriFood) February 28, 2020 Undiplomatic, alarming attack by US Amb to @FAO on FAO's approved Scaling Up Agroecology Program: "an explicit rejection of the very idea of progress – extolling 'peasant' farming & promoting 'the right to subsistence' agriculture." Speech available here: — Timothy A. Wise (@TimothyAWise) […]

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France Sees World’s Biggest Increase in Organic Land Area

The organic market in France was worth E 9.1 billion in 2018, according to “The World of Organic Agriculture 2020” which comes out every February. Organic land area in France grew by 16.7% in 2018 – a huge increase for a single year. This growth of 290,000 hectares brings France to 2.04 million hectares, now second only to Spain in Europe, and the sixth highest land area farmed organically in the world. […]