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Paroles d’acteurs | Un cuisinier avec un plat d’avance 2

Xavier Hamon, un cuisinier pas comme les autres, est co-fondateur du Consortium de l’alimentation durable, projet inspiré par une fête populaire qui réussit à réunir tout le monde sur un territoire. Nous vous invitons à découvrir son périple à travers les paroles de Xavier Hamon, qui raconte par la suite un tout dernier projet qu’il tient au cœur : une restauration sur la ferme. Deuxième partie de son entretien avec Valérie Geslin. […]

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France | Cooking Up Fairer Food & Farming Part 2

The Sustainable Food Consortium is a collective of local people working to make the food transition a reality in the territory of Redon, Brittany. It began as an attempt to recreate the atmosphere of a popular farming festival. One of its co-founders, slow food cook Xavier Hamon, tells us about the journey so far, and shares his latest fair local food project – an on-farm restaurant. Part 2 of a conversation with Valérie Geslin. […]

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More Food less Feed – Agriculture and the War on Ukraine

An appalling war on Ukraine has manifold impacts. The direct human cost is immense and incalculable. The impacts on the world’s agri-food trade and commodity systems will be huge. The 4 F’s  – fuel, feed, fertilizer and of course food are all heavily implicated. So what to do? Will Europe suspend progress on rerouting the food system towards more resilience, by doubling down into the worst aspects of these 4 F’s? Or can some aspects of a deeper iteration of food sovereignty emerge?  […]

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Time To Rethink ‘Plant-Based’ – Part 2

The mere fact that a product is ‘plant-based’ is no guarantee of sustainability. Whether our food comes from plants or animals, in terms of sustainability our choices would be better informed by nutrient cycles. Much of our agriculture depends on monoculture crops which are unable to feed themselves as, in the absence of plant biodiversity, they are starved of nature’s bounty of nutrients. Second in a two-part series by Stuart Meikle. […]