Rural Resilience

Roumanie | Une dichotomie moderne entre biodiversité et élevage

Comment réussir à gagner convenablement sa vie dans le secteur de l’élevage, tout en préservant la richesse de la biodiversité autour de soi ? Si l’on compare l’élevage moderne, au rythme effréné et à la production intensive, avec la transhumance traditionnelle, cette dernière s’apparente un peu à la cuisson lente en cuisine. Et pour cette recette, les savoir-faire locaux, les bergers et les chiens de troupeau sont des ingrédients essentiels. Paul White démontre ici l’intérêt de trouver un juste équilibre. […]

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Romania | Making Hay In Transylvania

In Transylvania’s hay meadows people continue to farm in harmony with nature. Determined to capture the traditional skill of scything on camera, photographer Paul White found out he would have to get up very early in the morning. Here he documents the hard work involved in a traditional haymaking process that is clean, sustainable and yields enormous benefits for biodiversity. Photo essay by Paul White. […]

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Romania | Until The Cows Come Home

In Transylvania villages, families will often own a cow or two. The day begins with neighbours taking turns to usher the cows out to the common meadows around the village, where they graze on tasty grass under the watchful eye of local herdsmen and their dogs. Come evening time the cows make their own way home for milking. Photo essay by Paul White. […]

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Romania | How Wild Is Too Wild?

What would you consider to be an acceptable level of personal risk for you and your family in livestock farming? Imagine life in a small caravan with two young children on the edge of wilderness where wolves and bears freely roam. Imagine these same apex predators testing your ability to protect your flock at night whilst you are trying to sleep. This is the constant reality for a young family trying to make a living from their land in Transylvania. Photo essay by Paul White. […]