Rural Resilience

Un avenir à co-construire – Rencontre européenne ARC2020 en Loire-Atlantique

Début octobre, en Loire-Atlantique, l’équipe d’ARC2020 a organisé une rencontre européenne « Nos campagnes en résilience ». Le temps d’un week-end, nous avons créé ensemble un espace pour les paysans, les acteurs locaux, les organisations régionales et européennes et les décideurs politiques pour partager, réfléchir et préparer des actions pour l’avenir de nos campagnes.

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Objectives are Not Enough | Pesticide Atlas 2022

Even though the EU’s pesticide legislation is the most sophisticated, it has failed to achieve a reduction in use. The EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy seeks to change that. Many questions remain. This article is an excerpt from the Pesticide Atlas 2022, published on October 18th, 2022 Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung European Union, and others. […]

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CAP and E-Commerce: Are Quality Schemes Protected?

EU agri-food products protected by quality schemes can face counterfeiting and usurpations in third countries, resulting in significant economic losses for EU producers. The same can happen in the other direction, and with the expansion of e-commerce platforms, these market dynamics have found new avenues to occur. The reform post-2022 of the CAP’s Common Market Organisation has extended the protection of quality schemes’ intellectual property (IP) rights to e-commerce platforms. […]

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Rural Realities | Feet on the Ground in the Battle for Land

Access to land was the topic of a panel discussion at our rural resilience gathering in north-west France last week. To add to the conversation, we present our findings from research on the ground, over the past two years of the “Nos Campagnes en Résilience” project. In the first of a series on hot topics around transition, we look at land, water and soil – all pivotal issues for socio-ecological transition. Analysis by “Nos Campagnes en Résilience” team. […]

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Four Takeaways From our Rural Resilience Gathering in North West France 

A recent rural resilience gathering in the Loire-Atlantique, France saw farmers, cooks, elected officials, analysts, rural activists, volunteers and more meet to work on the future of the socio-ecological transition. Organised by ARC’s team on the ground in France via the Nos Campagne en Resilience team, and other partners such as the region’s Cooks Alliance, many fruitful talks and experiences were had. So what unfolded? Oliver Moore has some personal observations on his time there. […]