Can EU CAP it?

Guest article by Michaela Skodova Groupe de Bruges

 Did you know that according to Eurobarometer survey statistics, “agriculture is considered to play an important role for European citizens.” But! “Most European citizens have limited knowledge about the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy): only four in ten interviewees (41%) have heard or read about the European Union agricultural and rural development policy. 57% of respondents had not heard about the CAP.” (Europeans, Agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy, 2010)

The CAP is one of the oldest and most important European policies designed to fulfil society’s expectations and to face challenges of the future. However, as statistics show, most people, especially young people, often do not know this policy, its strategic role and its reform process. Considering how important well-supported, citizen-orientated agriculture is, it is vital that learning opportunities on the CAP are available.

Arie van den Brand, Groupe de Bruges’ President (left) states: “the CAP is no longer exclusively the domain of farmers and directly involved experts. The CAP is concerned with our daily food and is paid for by the European tax payer. They have a right to know what happens with their tax money and what they get in return as consumers.

Over the last 20 years the Groupe de Bruges has been engaged in involving the general public in the debate about more sustainable European agriculture, food and corresponding policies. This e-learning project offers European citizens an easy accessible portal to become informed about the new CAP and to express their opinion about it”.

The ‘Can EU CAP it?’ project looks into tackling these challenges by introducing several features on its unique e-learning platform,, where all European citizens can engage in learning and discussing CAP.

On November 27, the Groupe de Bruges will officially launch its platform and as of now, the project preparations are going to the finish line.You can already get a first glimpse:The platform consists of five parts: CAP Game, CAP Basic videos, CAP Pro course, CAP Events & CAP Forums.

  • Free trial of the CAP Pro module will be available from Monday 24th November. You can learn about the Common Market Organisation (CMO) which is a vital part of the new CAP. You can learn about the Common Market Organisation (CMO) which is a vital part of the new CAP. Please note that the platform content is still being uploaded – all the material will be ready on 27th November. If you would like to be kept informed, you can sign up to our mailing list and we will inform you about any news via e-mail.
  • If you are feeling competitive, the European competition for the CAP Game is launched! Test your knowledge on the topic of the reformed CAP, natural resources or food security. Play, learn and win prizes in our serious game – they include exciting fully funded trip to Rome for three lucky winners.
  • The official launch of the Project – with the help of Dutch Deputy Minister of Agriculture Sharon Dijksma  on November 27 in Amsterdam. Please know that there is still time for you to register (book your place through the Eventbrite). Please know, that the event will only be in the Dutch language (both live and webstream).