CAP Communication Complete by Dec 2017?

The European Commission intends to adopt  – before the end of 2017  – a Communication on the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) post-2020.  Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker made this announcment to 400 delegates at the Agriculture Outlook event in Brussels on Tuesday.

Jean Claude Junker and Phil Hogan meet at the EU Agriculture Outlook event 2016 Photo (c) European Union
Jean Claude Junker & Phil Hogan meet at EU Agriculture Outlook event 2016 (c) European Union

Junker stated the aim of “modernisation and simplification of the Common Agricultural Policy to maximise its contribution to the Commission’s political priorities and the Sustainable Development Goals.” He added “The first step will be a public consultation which will be launched at the beginning of next year.”

For his part Ag Commissioner Phil Hogan  said he was “convinced, based on our market experiences as well as our international commitments, that the CAP has to ensure greater market resilience, more sustainable agricultural production and progress on generational renewal.”

Other noteworthy elements of his speech include:

“It is my determination that basic income support and an effective safety net will continue as an essential element of any new CAP through a system of direct payments.”

“The forthcoming public consultation on the Communication provides  an ideal platform for debating all issues relating to the CAP…the new CAP will have to have a higher level of environmental ambition. (emphasis in original text)”

“The European Commission does not have a monopoly of wisdom about the ideal policy for the future. We want your input and active and constructive engagement, beginning with the public consultation, which I expect to launch early in the New Year.”

ARC2020 are already developing CAP Communication, with our CAP debate #AfterCAP. Already comprising five varied contributions from experts in their respective fields, this will continue in the weeks ahead.

After CAP Debate


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