CAP Communication – reactions

Below we present a range of perspectives on the recent CAP Communication by Commissioner Phil Hogan. A range of farmer organisations, NGOs, experts and others are represented.

ARC2020 position on the CAP Communication

Birdlife Europe Communication misses the opportunity to fix the broken CAP and address the environmental crises in Europe’s farmlands

CEJA the European Council of Young Farmers “While CEJA acknowledges an EU of regions, it calls for there to be a level playing field among Member States to ensure young farmers across the EU receive the same opportunities. In particular, CEJA believes that young farmer schemes and generational renewal measures need to be mandatory and set out at EU level while encouraging Member States to fully support young farmers through national policies such as taxation.

COPA COGECA “The Commission’s aim to simplify CAP rules is welcome news, but we fear that when it comes to the new delivery model outlined in this Communication, a real simplification will not be delivered”. (Copa and Cogeca outline initial reaction to new EU Commission plan on future CAP -.pdf)

Chris Horseman  European Agricultural Policy US Agricultural Policy CAP Is this a CAP reform to tackle the ‘three Bs’: Bureaucracy, Budget and Brexit?

European Commission The Future of Food and Farming – for a flexible, fair and sustainable Common Agricultural Policy

European Environmental Bureau Nice try – but Hogan’s direction of travel not on course to sustainable farming

European People’s Party a smart, fair and result-oriented CAP is the future of food and farming

FACE – European Federation of Associations for Hunting and Conservation “the European Commission’s Communication on the next Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) does not acknowledge the biodiversity crisis on Europe’s farmland.”

Farm Europe The Future of Agriculture and Food deserves better than a technocratic discussion about a proposal to renationalise

Greenpeace EU farming reform plan overlooks impact of meat sector

IEEP The Institute for European Environmental Policy IEEP “The new delivery model proposed (appearing to mean more subsidiarity to Member States, the combined programming of both Pillar 1 and Pillar 2 measures, with funding based on performance) is potentially bold and could free up more creative and innovative approaches to delivery and controls.

World Wildlife Fund New EU farming policy will require Member States to deliver benefits for nature


“This communication is the Commission saying ‘You keep telling us the CAP is too complicated, so administer it yourselves’,” said Luc Vernet, senior advisor at Farm Europe.

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