‘Protein plants in EFAs a good idea’

Reacting to an inquiry from socialist party – Die Linke, the German government has stated that it thinks the suggestion to allow protein crops to be grown in Ecological Focus Areas (EFAs) is a good idea. The party submitted the suggestion in a so-called ‘Kleine Anfrage’ which allows opposition groups to put questions to the Government.

© Colin Smith, Wikicommons

EFAs form a key part of the current debate on CAP reform. Protein crops are known for their environmental impact since they bind atmospheric nitrogen, thus improving soil quality. They can also be used as animal fodder, therefore reducing the demand to import from outside the EU.

Previously, German Agricultural Minister Aigner had referred to EFAs as the set-aside of arable land. However it now seems that the Government supports the cultivation of these areas with the criterion that the cultivation is used primarily for nature conservation.

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