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France – Pesticides, Mega-Basins and Who Gets to do What

The French retirement age isn’t the only debate making waves in the land of fraternity and croissants right now. One-third of French drinking water turns out to be contaminated thanks to a banned pesticide, which is unsettling news. So shouldn’t it be about time to retire some pesticides? This and the emergence of water-grabbing make up this this week’s round-up, French edition. Dive in with Ashley Parsons […]

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Poking Holes in Farm to Fork: Health Groups Take The Strategy’s Temperature

The Farm to Fork strategy aspires to fix our broken food systems while advancing the EU’s sustainability goals. In this three-part series we hear what environmental, health and farming organisations have to say about Farm to Fork so far. Here, Natasha Foote reports on some of the key voices in the health sector to bring us their take on the strategy as it currently stands. […]

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MRSA and Europe’s livestock

Following the release of study findings in Germany on Monday that found that chicken in supermarkets is often contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, greater controls on the use of anti-bioitics in Germany have been proposed. Germany’s Friends of the Earth branch, BUND has criticised the proposals, saying they are too vague: lacking an effective ban on human antibiotics in animal husbandry and a clear reduction target. Read more on the proposals and reactions here. […]