We are fed up with agro industry!

No future without farmers


+++ Since 1975 the number of farms in Germany has decreased from over 1 million to 285,000 +++ The world’s most widely used pesticide glyphosate  – active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup  – is classified as “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization+++ The export of milk powder and meat at dumping prices destroys local markets in the Global South +++ Below cost milk and pork prices accelerate destroy small to mid sized producers +++ Free Trade Agreements as TTIP and CETA endanger local, quality, agroecological and peasant agriculture+++ Agricultural mega are being approved all over Europe – Factories with 57,000 pigs, 2,000 cows and 450,000 chickens have been approved in Germany+++ Land grabbing by large investors deprives farmers of their livelihoods +++ corporations want to bring new GM seeds to our fields +++ Around 70% of the meat sold in Germany’s grocery stores is being sold at discount prices+++

Agriculture is at a crossroads: Will our food still be produced by farmers for the needs of a region or will big corporations that produce for the world market take over?

Governments and agri-business focus on global commodity exports mainly of milk and meat, at dumping prices.  For that our agriculture and food system have to be trimmed to fit for the world market – always more and always cheaper. This leads to lower animal welfare standards and ruins farmers all over the world. The consequences for the people in the Global South are hunger and poverty.

We call for a paradigm shift: Healthy and organic food produced by farmers mostly for regional markets and manufactured by food crafts – at fair prices and market conditions in Europe and worldwide. We stand for food sovereignty and demand an international trade that puts people’s interest before corporations. We want an agriculture and a food system that is forcing no one to leave their land.  We rely on proven alternatives in which people, animals and the environment are respected and that give a future. We appreciate the production of good food and livestock farming that respects animal welfare standards through farmers. We won’t allow for them to be denigrated nor that they will be used for interests of the agricultural industry!

In 2016 the agricultural turnaround must begin: We call on EU Farm Commissioner Phil Hogan, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, German Federal Minister Sigmar Gabriel and German Federal Agriculture Minister Christian Schmidt: Stop the blind support of agri-businesses! Instead of pushing for exports, stand in for more quality food. Ensure fair trade around the world – stop TTIP and CETA!

We are calling for farmers, manufacturers and consumers to send a common message in Berlin on 16. January 2016. We are the people from the countryside and from the city, from the north and from the south. We are fed up with agro-industry – we want a rural an organic agricultural and food system that is accepted by society.

we demand: stop…
Fair Prices and terms of trade for farmers Loss of farms and rural livelihoods
A global right to food Hunger
Fair trade instead of free trade The TTIP and CETA trade agreements
Animal husbandry appropriate to species Animal factories
Healthy and affordable food Export and price dumping
Bee and environment friendly agriculture Monocultures
Freedom for seed diversity Genetically engineered farming and patents on life
Fair access to land – world wide Landgrabbing
Climate friendly, ecological and regional agriculture Deforestation for fodder and palm oil
Clean drinking water Increasing levels of nitrate and pesticides

More info (in English, French and German) visit: wir-haben-es-satt.de