‘We are fed up!’ Demonstration January 17th in Berlin

We are getting ready for the big demonstration coming up in January. Over 30,000 demonstrated at the event in January 2014.  This year, we are expecting another huge, international turnout.  Mark your calendars now!

Call to the fifth “We are fed up with agro industry!” demonstration

Stop animal factories, genetic engineering and TTIP. For a new agricultural policy!

Saturday, 17.01.2015, 12pm, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin

Demonstration – Tractor Procession – Rally

“We are fed up with agro industry!”

Agribusinesses continue to gain ground: A few international corporations are undermining seed diversity and are pushing for GMOs on farms. Investors continue to build new, industrial mega-barns, where animals are subjected to sufferable conditions. At the G7 Summit and through free trade agreements like the TTIP and CETA, the world leaders are setting the course for the global industrialisation of agriculture. The consequences are ubiquitous: More and more farmers must abandon their fields, both here and in the south. Markets are flooded with cheap meat. The cultivation of monocultures is encroaching on the rainforest. Arable land has become an object of speculation. And worldwide hunger still remains a reality.

We can do better!

Non-industrial, more environmentally-friendly agriculture should be respected and valued – it plays an important role in ensuring food sovereignty. It must and can feed the world. To this aim, farmers, who treat animals and the environment with respect, must be ensured prices that actually cover their costs. We call for regional production instead of the growing orientation towards world food markets. We want politicians who finally act in the interest of people, rather than of a handful of multinational corporations.

Resistance leads to results!

We have already had a number of victories: All over Germany, citizens’ initiatives are preventing the construction of new mega-barns and are demanding the farm model in animal rearing. GMO maize has been banned from cultivation in Germany and our protests are causing the TTIP and CETA to stagger. In short: to bring about change, we need pressure in the streets. Therefore, on January 17, 2015 in Berlin, we will be demonstrating once again to demand a complete agricultural revival – in Germany and the world. Be there!


We demand:                                                                                                                     An end to:

Fair trade instead of free trade!                                                                                     The TTIP and CETA free trade agreements!
Species-appropriate rearing, no abuse of antibiotics!                                             Animal factories!
Promotion of regional feed production!                                                                       GMOs on farms and in livestock feeds!
A global right to food!!                                                                                                     World Hunger!
Healthy, affordable food for all!                                                                                     All the food scandals!
Fair prices and market rules for farmers!                                                                   The death of rural farms
Freedom for seed diversity!                                                                                           Patenting on plants and animals!
Bees and eco-friendly agriculture!                                                                               Monocultures!
Access to land for everyone in the world!                                                                   Land grabbing by governments and investors                  

For good food and good farming for all!

Find more information (in German) here: www.wir-haben-es-satt.de
Or contact us under communication(at)arc2020.eu

After the demo is before the action!

Soup & Talk – The Political Idea Stew
Everyone who has the time and inclination after the demo on the 17th of January can join us at the Heinrich Boell Foundation, less than 10 minutes from the Chancellor’s Office, to warm up and strengthen the body and spirit. There will be hot soup and drinks from Fläming Kitchen/Wam Kat and the “Schnippeldisko” (Disco Soup), and space for conversation and hugs. Afterwards, we’ll head to the first floor where there will be a microphone and projector for the event:

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