Good crop, bad crop! Take action today!

On 21st February, Friends of the Earth Europe launched their new facebook action on crop rotation. The action will run from now until the scheduled final European Parliament vote on the CAP reform 2014 – 2020 which is scheduled to take place in plenary in Strasbourg on 13th March 2013.

The tool enables citizens to send direct messages to their MEPs, asking them to use the CAP to encourage different crops instead of monocultures; and for an agriculture which protects nature, uses fewer pesticides, does not worsen climate change, and stops small farms going out of business.

In addition, the tool consists of an interactive info-graphic explaining the advantages of crop rotation over monoculture farming; and a simple page with some background information.

It is accessible via facebook and allows people to post their messages to MEPs by email, or via social media: facebook and twitter.

You can find the action HERE:

The content is limited to one simple ask:

“To ensure that crop rotation, including legumes, is one of the mandatory greening measures to improve the environmental performance of European agriculture.”

The action tool is available in 3 languages: English, German and French. The remaining MEPs would receive messages in English. It’s simple. It’s quick. It’s easy: TAKE ACTION TODAY!

What else can you do to support the action?

  • Promote the action within your networks (ask supporters to take action and to spread it by ‘liking’ on facebook, sending tweets about it, post questions on MEPs walls etc.). Spread it as widely as possible!
  • Include information about it it in your news and mail updates to your supporters.
  • Send around to partner organisations.
  • Promote the action on your websites, facebook and twitter.