Dear friends and supporters of ARC Welcome to the latest issue of the ARC NEWSFLASH!  March has seen a number of fantastic guest blogs be submitted to us from across the globe. Sophie Herbert, EU nature Policy officer at BirdLife Europe provided an article about EU environment ministers failing to stand up for nature in the face of farm lobby interests. This was followed by an article from the RSPB about a group of farmers that travelled to Brussels to call for greater support for environmental measures in the CAP. Véronique Rioufol from Terre de Liens raised the issue of land access, whilst our partners at the Institute of Agriculture and Trade Policy  in the US provided us with an insight into controlling crop price volatility. If you want to write a piece for our site, simply send your article to the email address below. This month ARC2020 also issued a press release with BirdLife Europe, The European Environmental Bureau, WWF, IFOAM EU Group, Friends of the Earth Europe and Pesticide Action Network following the decision of the EU Commission’s health and consumers department to remove the obligation on countries and farmers to […]