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Tweets of the Week – 08/2020

Our weekly Twitter round up of great content from our kindred network: a Friday treat for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy what we’ve found for you on twitter. Best pay for ecosystem restoration separately (as already through CAP). Misleading & undermines climate action/accounting to treat highly uncertain, unreliable land C *flows* as equiv to land C stocks, let alone price them same as unextracted fossil C. Reward low N wld be better. — Paul Price (@swimsure) February 17, 2020 The EU aims to create common data spaces to increase the quality of services when it comes to agriculture & healthcare, according to a Commission data strategy draft seen by EURACTIV. — EURACTIV Agri & Food (@eaAgriFood) February 17, 2020 L'industrie des #pesticides, aidée de pays comme les USA et le Canada, fait un #lobbying forcené pour que L'UE autorise l'importation sur son territoire de produits contenants des résidus de pesticides qui y sont interdits. @lemondefr sur notre rapport 1/ — Martin Pigeon (@mpceo) February 17, 2020 Great piece by @keith_JCFJ highlighting the risks to […]

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Awkward Alignment – How will Green Deal Momentum and the CAP Process Work Together?

There are a number of policy imperatives coming together, all of which related in some way to farming, food and rural Europe. While CAP clanks on, the EU Green Deal and its Farm2Fork component have more ambition and perhaps momentum. But how will these policy proposals work out their differences, with pressure from some many angles bearing down on them? Oliver Moore sketches out the terrain. […]

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Tweets of the Week – 07/2020

#FarmToFork strategy: #EPlenary to quiz @jwojc on 13/02 at 9am on ways to make EU farming more sustainable while ensuring that farmers can continue to deliver high-quality products, remain competitive & receive fair support. More info & webstreaming links: — AGRI Committee Press (@EP_Agriculture) February 12, 2020 German #organic market grew by 10% in 2019 to nearly 6% of total retail sales, according to Diana Schaack of AMI @BioFachVivaness — Nic Lampkin (@LampkinNic) February 12, 2020 Fact-check : Are Germany’s nitrate levels false? — EURACTIV Agri & Food (@eaAgriFood) February 13, 2020 Using the CAP to support the European Green Deal requires generous budget for ecoschemes, linking interventions to national impact targets, and facilitating restructuring of wider food system according to @IDDRI_ThinkTank — Alan Matthews (@xAlan_Matthews) February 13, 2020 We welcome the fact that the EU’s agriculture commissioner @jwojc wants to crack down on intensive animal farming! The EU ought to minimise suffering and protect farm animals, said our @Olga_CIWF. Read the article by @gerardofortuna & @NatashaFoote🔽 — Compassion in […]

Latest from EU Member States

Trouble With The Neighbours: Living Next Door to an Agri-Giant

How do you get an organic farm off the ground with an agri-giant operating in the neighbouring field? Coming back to the land after a high flying career in New York City, Libor Kožnar expected the first year to be the hardest. What he didn’t expect was to find himself in a legal dispute with Agrofert, the sprawling agribusiness empire founded by the Czech prime minister. […]

Latest from key partners

Book Extract | Of Seeds and Land Seizures in Sicily

Platforming the dynamic ways rural Europe has responded the key challenges of this time, the new book by Forum Synergies is an call to get stuck in. Read the final chapter on how Sicilian youth have organised access to land for young people, how to confront political uncertainty, why to pay attention to seeds and the value of an experimental spirit. […]

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Tweets of the Week – 06/2020

Our weekly Twitter round up of great content from our kindred network: a Friday treat for your weekend reading pleasure. Enjoy what we’ve found for you on twitter. Progress towards measuring and reducing risks from pesticide use in the #EU has been limited, according to our new report 👇 — European Court of Auditors (@EUauditors) February 5, 2020 #PAC et subsidiarité: vers une nouvelle gouvernance européenne — Samuel Féret (@sam_feret) February 6, 2020  

Latest from EU Member States

Wales | Joining the Real Food and Farming Conversation

The UK may have left the EU, but we will still maintain a focus on what’s happening there in food, farming and rural areas. In the spirit of cooperation, there will still be much to learn from each other. To this end, here’s a report from Wales on an event that’s emerged from the Oxford Real Farming Conference. […]