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  TTIP talks: despite the PR, still under a cloak of secrecy CEO 05.05.2015 It’s not just glyphosate and neonicotinoids! Why we need a pesticide-free future Ecologist 30.04.2015 Organic milk and prenatal iodine Guardian 30.04.2015 US to open TTIP reading rooms across EU Euractiv 29.04.2015 What will EU parliamentarians vote on TTIP? Euractiv 17.04.2015 Government’s approach further undermines the proposed Expert Advisory Council An Taisce 01.04.2015 Farming will not be held back by green targets says Coveney Independent 01.04.2015 Pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables associated with low sperm count Washington Post 30.03.2015 Agroecology reclaims territories for local peoples and food sovereignty More and Better 18.03.2015 Commitments to rural development spending 76% below forecast in 2014 23.01.2015 ‘We are fed up!’: Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin RT 17.01.2015 Großdemonstration für eine tiergerechte und klimaschonende Landwirtschaft in Berlin ARD 17.01.2015 Agrarwende: 50000 Demonstranten gegen Massentierhaltung und Gentechnik Spiegel Online 17.01.2015 Tausende demonstrieren für artgerechte Tierhaltung und fairen Handel Zeit Online 17.01.2015 Drawing upon citizens’ voices: Deep democracy in action IATP 14.01.2015 Europeans’ shopping habits reveal […]