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Peter Crosskey

                          Peter Crosskey is based in the UK. Peter can be found at the Food Dimension and also at Features Execs. Recent Posts by Peter Crosskey Five-hectare payment threshold excludes one in six English farmers Where does your meat come from? UK reviving land settlement and local food production TTIP agenda threatens good intentions for UK local food UK agroecology centre taps into water research UK government to accept industry’s neonics research UK pesticide approvals: business, as usual Leave it to Tesco: how the UK ignores food security UK cabinet reshuffle kicks Paterson into touch Syngenta shelves attempt to overturn UK pesticide ban Bumblebees dying for a change in US pesticide laws NGOs’ dismay with CAP greening in Britain & Ireland UK ministry denies bullying food bank charity UK adopts just five EFA categories for CAP greening No offline plan B for UK CAP payments in 2015 TTIP EU advisory group meets for the first time Will CAP payments short-change UK Moorland farmers? Is […]