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On Meaningful Diversity: Reflecting on 75 years of Rural Sociology at Wageningen University

75 years have passed since Evert Willem Hofstee was appointed to the position of Professor at Wageningen University, which marks the beginning of rural sociology as a discipline and as a university department. What are the key features and how has it developed from 1946 to present? Prof. Dr. Han Wiskerke reflects on the 75th anniversary of what is now called Rural Sociology Group. […]

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Op-Ed | Europe Eats the World

“Europe feeds the world” is a line often heard in EU policy debates and the media. A line often used to sideline calls to lower the impacts of European agriculture and to place “providing food” as the highest political priority. But is this line really true? In this op-ed lead author, Jabier Ruiz, of the WWF European Policy Office, summarises the main pieces of evidence gathered, which show that, far from feeding the world, Europe consumes more than its fair share. […]

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Reversing Rule and Exception – Transformative New Integrated Policy for Rural Agri & Food presented in European Parliament 

A book filled with “extraordinary examples of ongoing transformations of our rural world” was launched in the European Parliament this week. Key political stakeholders – including European Parliament President Roberta Metsola, Isabel Estrada Carvalhais, and Dacian Ciolos – agreed on the need to start to build a process to explore and develop ideas contained therein- including a radical new Regulation. So what are these ideas? […]

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France, Food Sovereignty and Feed(ing the World)

In a roundup of recent news, Ashley Parsons find that words and personnel can change, but business-as-usual can keep replying on the institutions to bail them out – no strings attached.  Whatever the level of exposure and risk, whatever the talk of transitioning away from dependencies on agri-industrial inputs, money, it seems, will always be found for keeping the show on the road, whatever the crises.   […]

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Ukrainian Refugees Won’t Solve Labour Shortages

As labour shortages loom, the agricultural sector is preparing for yet another tough season, especially in countries like Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Some farmers and officials hope to alleviate this crisis with labour-capable Ukrainian refugees. But are these expectations realistic? As perceptions of Ukrainian labourers change, instead of stopgap solutions, more systemic change is needed, argues PĂ©ter JĂłzsef Bori. […]

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Salon Ă  la ferme | Les Ă©leveurs entre chien et loup

Dans le cadre du salon Ă  la ferme, ARC 2020 s’est rendu dans l’une des 200 fermes participantes. Ce salon initiĂ© par la confĂ©dĂ©ration Paysanne en partenariat avec le rĂ©seau des FADEAR permet Ă  chaque citoyen d’échanger sur l’agriculture paysanne avec ceux qui la pratiquent. En Savoie, le GAEC de la Fontaine, gerĂ© par Marine HUAUX et LoĂŻc PERRIAUX, a proposĂ© un temps de rencontres autour des thĂ©matiques spĂ©cifiques Ă  l’agriculture de montagne et notamment la prĂ©sence du loup. […]

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Paroles de paysans | La libertĂ© d’assumer ses choix 1

La ferme de PITOUE se trouve Ă  CAMPBON (44). Vincent, Julie et leurs trois salariĂ©s produisent des lĂ©gumes sur une petite surface. Autour d’un cafĂ©, dans un jardin oĂą les oiseaux chantent et le soleil nous rĂ©chauffe, Vincent explique comment il envisage son activitĂ© et comment la question de l’alimentation donne du sens Ă  son travail. Première partie d’une conversation avec ValĂ©rie GESLIN. […]

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Bulgaria’s CAP Strategic Plan: Backsliding on Nature and Biodiversity

The Society for Territorial and Environmental Prosperity (STEP) believes that Bulgaria’s CAP Strategic Plan must be corrected in order to be in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal, the EU’s Biodiversity and Farm to Fork Strategy. In this article, it highlights essential changes to be made, from targets and monitoring to measuring coherence and consistency. […]

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Letter From The Farm | A Year In Review

We’re back on Ciasnocha Family Farm, where Mateusz is counting his blessings after a fruitful season of experimenting and investing on the farm. Luckily he found time to travel beyond the farm gate too, to seek and share knowledge, taking part in the UN Food Systems Summit, and COP26, where he championed regenerative agriculture and climate smart farming. Mateusz takes us through a memorable year on and off the farm.  […]

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UK | Hemp – Overgrowing the Regime part 2

For many growers it’s a plant with huge potential. For many policymakers it’s a dangerous drug. Despite a lack of tools, knowledge, infrastructure and support, woefully few routes to market, and suffocating restrictions on production and use of the crop, meet the British hemp growers who are ploughing ahead. Now a campaign of civil disobedience hopes to provoke policymakers to rethink regulations. Story by Ursula Billington. Second in a two-part series. […]