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Three Big European Parliament Votes Rock Corporate Ag

Fertilizer, herbicide and GM crops. 24th October 2017 saw not one but three significant votes in the European Parliament on each of these topics. Considering how these plenary votes went, it may be the case that, when it comes to agri-food policy matters, the tide is turning. So what happened, and what’s next? […]

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What are the Big Issues for Food, Farming & Rural Places?

There are some big and pressing topics in agri-food and for rural places. Some of these are ongoing – rural and farming depopulation, land access, agroecology, economic and ecological disparities in the Common Agricultural Policy – and others are new. So what’s new – and what’s worth covering in debate form? […]

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New EU Organic Regulation Agreed

A preliminary agreement has been reached after 20 months of trilogue negotiations between EU Commission, Council of Ministers and European Parliament for a new organic regulation. The main outstanding issues, which delayed agreement for so long have either been settled or deferred. Here’s what this means. […]

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Three CAP Consultation Submissions – health, farming & a platform

A number of organisations made submissions to the CAP consultation, which closed last week. Here we outline three differing ones  – one from public health, one from farming  and one, which we devote more space to, from a platform bringing a number of organisations together in Germany. 1 Public Health Organisation (EPHA) The EPHA European Public Health Association point out that agriculture and health policies are not aligned, despite Article 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) mandates that “a high level of human health protection shall be ensured in the definition and implementation of all Union policies and activities.” Like many others, the organisation argues against land based payments and for more policy coherence. Specifically, they point to three key changes: Removing health-harmful subsidies Moving from hectare payments to performance incentives Fostering sustainable healthy diets The EPHA’s submission intro can be found HERE the full response can be found HERE and the annex HERE. 1 Farmer Organisation (EMB) The European Milk Board prioritised coordinated approach to price and market stability, as well as […]

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Traditional Seed Rules – Oceans Apart

As we build towards the European Rural Sustainability Gathering (ERSG) in Greece, 1 7-20th May, we publish now an exclusive interview with Shannon McCabe of Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company. This interview was conducted at the Peliti Olympic Seed Festival, which took place in Drama Greece last month. Peliti are co-organisers of the ERSG. […]