20 Essential Earth Day Reads from ARC2020

Beetle on Orchid (c) Dolores Byrne

Its Earth Day Monday 22nd and to celebrate we’ve selected our twenty favourite, most appropriate, most thought-provoking and compelling reads to get in the mood. These stories are from all over the world – from wolves at the door in Czech to spiders on the arm in north west Ireland.

We have selected stories that make the case for bringing nature into farming systems and our lives, stories that grapple with big global issues like palm oil or biodiversity loss in a new way, or that show otherwise under-reported progress in the sometimes dull but always important world of environmental policy change. How do we think about and describe nature – a.k.a. the living world?  How do we react to ecological loss? And how do we mobilise to deal with these realities? From rewilding to climate change, pesticides bans to the role of livestock in climate-friendly farming, and a gripping personal account of front line action in the Paris COP 21 climate change talks….it’s all here!

Read on. 

Calculating livestock’s environmental footprint is complex – but other questions are simple. #LivestockDebate.

How to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions from EU Agriculture by 81%

Czech Republic | Chances with Wolves

Palm oil – A Global Obsession With Consequences

EU | Provisional Agreement on Cadmium Limit of 60 Mg/Kg Agreed

Letter From the Farm | Heeding Nature’s Limits in Ireland

UK | Chapter 3: Preserving and Enriching the Natural Environment

If Not Meat Then What? Climate Change, Regenerative Ag and Viable Rural Areas

COP21 – Street View.

Unplanned Vegetation is Important! A.K.A weeds provide for needs

Valuing Nature & the Hidden Costs of Biodiversity Loss

A Nitrogen Tax for Agriculture?


Meet Senator Joel Labbé – Driving Force Behind French Herbicide Bans


Damning Study on “Insect Armageddon” Shows Huge Biodiversity Decline


Hope and Mourning in the Anthropocene: Understanding Ecological Grief

“Toward pesticidovigilance” Slams Lack of Global Pesticide Regulation

Towards a New Paradigm for Nature in the EU

Rewilding | What would happen if Britain’s farms were abandoned and left to nature?

High Nature Value Farmland (HNVf) – rewarding farmers for biodiversity

Letter From The Farm | High Nature Value in Ireland