New Seed Platform – Seeds4All – Launches

Seed Mandala at Urgenci CSA event Ostrava, Czech republic 2015

Seed saving organisations from 31 European Countries, as well as the European Coordination of Let’s Liberate Diversity, are represented on a new census platform website that launches today. Seeds4All is dedicated to seed diversity, and it aims to “give visibility to all European organisations that collect, enrich, produce, disseminate and sustainably use traditional and new varieties of seeds belonging to the public domain, freely reproducible and not genetically modified.”

The platform brings together NGOs, citizens’ initiatives, businesses, formal and informal networks, while also showcasing the work of these initiatives. The aim is to help these organisations and initiatives work together share ideas and of course seeds. 

Already, almost 24,000 seed varieties are featured on the platform.

The platform spans the width of Europe, from the Irish Seed Savers in the west to Finland’s Maatiainen landrace association over in the east. EU and non-EU countries are welcome, while the European Co-ordination of Let’s Liberate diversity (EC-LLD) is central to this new and exciting development.

Seeds4All aims to grow via the work of seed saving and distributing organisations themselves, by bringing on board as many relevant initiatives as possible. Through a census on the website organisations in Europe (not just the EU) committed to promoting agrobiodiversity via public domain (open source, non-proprietary) materials are welcome to get involved. 

ARc2020 and European Coordination of Let’s Liberate Diversity! (EC-LLD) are involved in Seeds4all. EC-LLD is an  international,  non-profit organisation born in 2005 and formally created in 2012, with the main challenge to  encourage,  develop  and  promote  the dynamic management of  cultivated biodiversity  on farms  and  gardens.  

If interested visit Seeds4all, and sign up for the monthly newsletter and get involved!

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