European Action Days 2021 – Good Food Good Farming on the Ground

This October the pan-European Good Food Good Farming European Days of Action took place with decentralised events across Europe for the fourth time. 188 events were organised in 18 different countries fighting for better food and farming in Europe and across the world. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, more events than ever were organised during the action month. With the European Days of Action we have been challenging decision-makers for years and urging them to make fair and sustainable food and farming policies both at EU and national level.

Ronja Dietschmann – Good Food Good Farming Campaign Communicator

This year’s map of activities included a diverse set of street protests, farm visits, flash mobs and online debates hosted by various different groups and organisations. Check out a detailed flashback with photos and reports on the Good Food Good Farming website.

Together, as activists, farmers, foodies, beekeepers and more, we sent a clear message to European leaders: Sustainable food and farming is possible, many farmers are already living the change and we as civil society know the recipe to change food and farming. We urge European leaders to follow with actions and ensure:

  • access to local, healthy and culturally-appropriate food for all
  • lively rural areas and more people in farming
  • no GMOs and major reduction of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  • fair income and decent working conditions for farmers, land workers, pastoralists and fishers
  • subsidies to support farmers in the transition to more sustainable practices
  • protection of biodiversity, the environment and the climate
  • higher animal welfare and fewer, higher-quality animal products
  • international trade agreements that protect human rights and support efforts to create socially just and ecologically resilient societies
  • more participation of farmers, consumers and activists in political decision making

With Good Food Good Farming activists from across Europe, we produced a video in which we share our vision for a fair and sustainable food and farming system. Check out the video:


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 What happened during the GFGF action days? A closer look at three events

Sheep and goats walk through the centre of Madrid. Photo: Transhumancia y naturaleza

The 28th Madrid Transhumance festival

Every October, sheep take to the streets of Madrid during the Transhumance festival. This year, one thousand sheep and one hundred goats crossed the centre of Madrid. Shepherds guide their livestock through the concrete to protest the increasing difficulty they have to access ancient migration routes. They raise the issue that extensive livestock farming and transhumance are important for ensuring good food and good farming, because they are a key tool for biodiversity, climate change mitigation and sustainable rural development.

Taking care of the cows during the farm visit  Biohof Rzehak. Milena Garbers und Jurek Meyer. Foto: Frank Molter

Farm with a future – Wir haben es satt!

Sustainable agriculture is only possible together! Just like many young activists, farmers also protest on the streets for their future. The goals may sometimes seem contradictory, but they do not have to be. This is exactly what “Hof mit Zukunft” (Farm with a future) was about: Wir haben es satt! initiated farm visits to bring farmers and young activists together and thus facilitate discussions in order to make joint demands on politicians. Politics must finally face up to the challenge and pursue a future-oriented agenda together with agriculture and society – for the animals, the farms and the climate! For two days, young people worked on a farm and got an insight into everyday farm life and the opportunity to exchange ideas with farmers for a better, more sustainable and fairer agriculture.

Music during the Slow Food Târgu Mureș event Photo: Zoltan Rab

Slow Food Târgu Mureș “Everything Gardens in the City: We grow our gardens and our gardens grow us”.

Slow Food Târgu Mureș Community organised its first meeting on the topic of Slow Food educational gardens, a convivial annual gathering that brought together teachers of all levels, educators from alternative educational centres and parents interested in gardening with children, school gardens and nature education. Claudia Rânja, coordinator of Slow Food Târgu Mureș reported: “We shared inspiring stories, we encouraged each other, we sang, we drew, we shared seeds, we ate good, clean, fair food, we laughed; we made plans for next year.” The entire event was organised around the principles of the gift economy.

Although CAP reform will move a little bit to the background for a few years, our fight for good food and good farming continues!

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