Soup and Talk 2021 – Tell the World about Your Good Food Initiative!

Soup and Talk 2020. Photo (c) WHES

Running since 2011, Wir Haben Es Satt (WHES) has become Europe’s biggest gathering against industrial farming and for a fair and agroecological and food systems transformation. 2021 will see a unique iteration of  Berlin’s famous WHES weekend of actions, with many activities happening digitally. With much of the action online, this also means that people all over the world can now join in and do so with a more sustainable carbon footprint. Here on ARC2020 we will introduce you to the key events that are happening from 16 January 2021, for WHES2021. First up, the famous soup and talk, which ARC2020 is helping coordinate. 


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Soup & Talk 2021

Soup and talk is a wonderful way to learn about inspiring initiatives in the world of farming and food. The name comes from the fact that after the demo there is a huge cauldron of home made soup* made available in the Heinrich Boell building in Berlin, where people come and have a think-in around farming and food issues. Now, the soup will have to be in your own house, but you can tune in and catch the presentations with live translations. What’s especially attractive is the format  – the presentations will be just images or videos, no words on the screen and only five minutes.  With good translations and solid multi camera work, this makes for a comfortable experience all round. 


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Here is a playlist from Soup and Talk 2020. 

(*the soup making itself is quite a thing, involving as it does over 1.5 tonnes of organic vegetables that would have otherwise gone to waste .All the collective work on processing the veg is done collectively, as a fun event called the schnippeldisko. See the articles below for more on this) 

Tell your story!

Perhaps you are interested in presenting about your own initiative at Soup and Talk 2021? We think ARC2020 readers could have plenty to say at this.

So – are you a social innovator when it comes to farming and food? Have you found a way to connect up producers and consumers, using the arts, politics, technology, culture or via some other means? Would you like to share an agri-food life hack? Is there an exciting project or enterprise you are involved with, which helps build a better food system? Are you part of the drive towards build resilience, or resistance, or regeneration for the next generation? 

If your farm using a groovy new open source digital tool, or your community has found a creative way to introduce a wider set of people into the good food movement – whatever it is,  Soup and Talk 2021 could be the place to tell the world about it!

This year it’s all online which also means we can connect with people all over the world. So we invite pioneers who are shifting the food and farming system, to pitch at our Soup & Talk event!

More on the overall Wir Haben Es Satt events 2021 here.

The Set-Up

You present your project in no more than 5 minutes in an entertaining, creative and convincing way in German or English (we translate). You can use pictures or video clips but no text in your slides. You talk! Virtual break out rooms will be available for networking and discussion.

Apply before December 31st

Send your application now to Keri and Alexandra at  Briefly describe your project and the suggested presentation and the media you will use. By January 6th  you will hear whether your Pitch has been chosen for Soup & Talk 2021. The party takes place Saturday 16th January from 3:30 to 7 pm.

More on the overall Wir Haben Es Satt events 2021 here.

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