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Protest, Pesticides and the Parliament – European news round up

Citizens voices are making noise in early 2023: Jan 21, in Berlin 10,000 turn up to march for a green, social agricultural future. And on Jan 19th, the EU Court of Justice announced the end of exceptions on the use of bee-killing neonicotinoids. Will the momentum spill over into the January 24th hearing at the EU Parliament? The Save Bees and Farmers citizens initiative will be presented and Members EU Commission Reps invited to exchange. […]

soup and talk meeting about agri-food Berlin
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Five Talks to Catch at Soup & Talk 2023 – this Saturday 21st January

Soup & Talk – an event that celebrates food and farming changemakers all over the world – takes place on Saturday, January 21 from 4 – 7 pm CET. People working for fair and ecological food systems will present their successes, struggles and ideas in 5-minute interventions at the Heinrich Böll Foundation, Berlin. In person and livesteam options. So what’s happening? […]

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Poste à pourvoir : Gestionnaire et opérationnel.le

L’association cherche un(e) gestionnaire administratif(ve) et opérationnel(le). 

Le rôle la gestionnaire et opérationnel.le sera d’assurer un suivi administratif rigoureux, de faciliter les échanges entre les différent.e.s membres et de l’association, et de veiller à ce que celle-ci respecte l’ensemble de ses obligations, délais et engagements. Son action aura pour but d’accompagner et de faciliter la mise en oeuvre des stratégies et des plans de travail de l’association. […]