What Do You Read? Our Top 30 Stories of 2018

What were the most popular stories we published in 2018? While we tend to specialise in CAP and agri-food policy matters in the EU institutions – someone has to, right? – the readership stats show us that our soil (#soilmatters) and tech (#AgtechTakeback) series, as well as agroecology more generally, are what readers gravitated towards. A new development for ARC2020 – letters from a farm – is also emerging as a well-read new development.

We’ve also covered lots of other topics too, as you can see in the food sovereignty articles below from places as different as Switzerland and Ukraine. So, in chronological order, we present our 30 most read articles of 2018 (so far!)

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We’ll still publish some more this week, but also, enjoy the coming days and see you in the new year!


Meet Olga Alcaraz | Gender Equality in Mexican Agroecology

Part 1 “Pour une autre PAC” – the French CAP Platform

Food is Political! 33,000 Are Fed Up With Agri-Industry!


#SoilMatters | Debate Opener

#SoilMatters | Part 1: Andrea Beste on humus, soil structures & the limits of no-till

Patriotism, Food Sovereignty & Contemporary Ukraine

#SoilMatters part 4 | What do we really lose, when we change how land is used?


Does the European Union Need More Milk?

CAP Greening Measures Ineffective ECA Report Finds

#SoilMatters Part 3 | Soil, Carbon and Policy – where now for 4p1000?


Institutionalising Agroecology in the “Cathedral of the Green Revolution”

CAP | Leaked Document Reveals Money – but Little Else – May Change

More Coherence between CAP and European Food Policy Needed


#SoilMatters Part 5 | Stuart Meikle on Soil, Ruminants & Sustainable Food

CAP & MFF | Eco-Spin without Public Goods Substance

De Schutter | As CAP Reform Enters Familiar Cycles, a Common Food Policy Offers a Plan B for the EU


#SoilMatters part 7 | Soil, Farming and Society: support mechanisms for the necessary transition

CAP Reform Proposals – A Commission Without Ambition

Future of CAP – is the Commission ambitious or backsliding?

Letter From The Farm | Welcome to Trento


Letter From The Farm | Welcome to Mayo


#AgtechTakeback – Debate by ARC2020 and IATP

AgTechTakeback | Neither neoLuddism nor Corporate Ag – Towards a Holistic Agroecology

AgtechTakeback | Digital Consolidation – Entrenching Agrichemical Companies & Industrial Ag?


Letter From The Farm | Straw Baled in Stanciova Village

Too Much, Too Soon. Why Switzerland Voted Against a More Sustainable Food System


If Not Meat Then What? Climate Change, Regenerative Ag and Viable Rural Areas

Community Supported Agriculture goes Beyond Borders

Palm oil – A Global Obsession With Consequences


Czech Republic | PM Babiš’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost?